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The new Illinois health benefits market place is open, just as in the rest of the country, for people who have been previously uninsured.  The website for the Illinois marketplace (also known as the “exchange”) is  If you do not have health insurance in Illinois, please check out this website.   Contact us at IVCIL if you have questions or concerns, as we would like to know how the new insurance market place is working for people with disabilities.

October 1, 2013 marks the first day of the Open Enrollment Period for the new health insurance marketplaces available as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Therefore, it also marks the beginning of the “Get Covered” campaign in Illinois to educate consumers about obtaining insurance coverage.

Anyone with Medicare will not be allowed to shop in the new Marketplace.  They should continue to use and access their Medicare coverage the same way they always have. The Medicare Open Enrollment Period remains October 15-December 7, and individuals/counselors should use to compare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans, just as we always have.  Additionally, anyone who already has Medicaid or another form of insurance coverage can (and in most cases should) keep what they already have – they do not need to go to the Marketplace.

Anyone who is currently uninsured and will be looking to make use of the new Adult Medicaid program or the new health insurance Marketplace in Illinois, they can visit the Get Covered Illinois website for more information:

Illinois also has a hotline where consumers can get telephone assistance with questions about or applications for Medicaid or new Marketplace coverage: (866)311-1119.

On the Get Covered Illinois website, you can find information for individuals and families who need insurance coverage, as well as information for small businesses looking to provide coverage to their employees.  By clicking “See your options,” individuals can respond to screening questions that will help direct the person to the ABE system (to apply for Medicaid) or to the Illinois Marketplace.

We recommend that individuals looking for coverage, work with a certified Illinois Navigator agency who have been trained to provide one-on-one assistance.  To find a certified Navigator, individuals can click on “Get Help in Your Area” and type in their zip code. (Please note: This feature is currently only a zip code search, so if no Navigators pop up in one zip code, try searching other zip codes nearby!)  Individuals can also locate a Navigator by contacting the Illinois hotline number – (866)311-1119. 

Languages: There is a link to click to the Spanish version at the top of the home page.  You can also look for the Polish version at   We are awaiting comparable info in ASL.